Nexus Game Fair

Craig Zipse

Starting in the mid-90's as a cartographer, Craig began mapping in the pages of Shadis and Dungeon magazines before moving on to RPG supplements, sourcebooks and other game magazines. His work supported several product lines including Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, 7th Sea and a bunch of other ones that are long gone. He has also done straight illustration and writing from time to time. Craig has worked for every major RPG producer (except Palladium darnit) and a zillion smaller ones he has forgotten the names of. While he respects and admires the work of digital cartographers, he prefers to use the hand-drawn technique for which he is known. These days, his artwork is found exclusively in the products of Kenzer & Co (by choice). He has a fondness for boardgame design and designed The Great Space Race. The game has a small cult following and is hard to play without having fun (seriously - it's fun - especially with beer).

These days, Craig owns and operates Black Oak Workshop, a small business focused on the design and production of custom dice and dice bags. Black Oak has completed 15 successful Kickstarter campaigns – and counting!