Nexus Game Fair

Wig-Wig Cosplay

Returning to Nexus Game Fair for their second year, and with great enthusiasm, is the cosplay duo Wig-Wig Cosplay. Hailing from St. Paul, Minnesota, this cosplay couple has 20 years of costuming knowledge combined! In 2015 they took the midwest by storm and won over 15 consecutive "Best in" category awards, and have since gained skills and knowledge along the way by judging at 10 conventions in 2016 and hosting a variety of panels.

Starting from roots in sewing with her grandmother and mother, SkyPirate has evolved into a cosplayer with a competitive eye for details. Whether she's working with fabric, beads, or paints, she is always trying to learn something new along the way. Her skills include working with garment leather, silk painting, making jewlery, set building, wig working, and patterning from scratch. She hopes to share some of this knowledge with fellow con attendees!

Cosplaying has been a new addition to Paragon's busy schedule. Between programming and tabletop gaming, Paragon loves to tinker with new materials like worbla and EVA foam. However, as a LARPer, leather is always his go-to supply and he has created many wonderful pieces over the years. His skills include armor patterning and building, prop making, patterning from scratch, and splicing music for his and SkyPirate's walkons and skits. Next to cosplay, Paragon enjoys designing and testing his own game systems and hopes to kickstart a game soon - come ask him about it!!