Nexus Game Fair

James M. Ward

He married his high school sweetheart and she's put up with him for 48 years. He has three unusually charming sons, Breck, James, and Theon. They in turn have given him six startlingly charming grandchildren, Keely, Miriam, Sophia, Preston, Teagan, and Noah.

In that same stretch of time he managed to write the first science fiction role-playing game, Metamorphosis Alpha in 1975; the first apocalypse role-playing game in Gamma World in 1978; he worked for TSR for over 20 years and did lots of D&D and AD&D things; and designed the best selling Spellfire and Dragon Ball Z CCGs.

Recently he has designed major products for Troll Lords, Goodman Games, and Fireside Creations, including: Of Gods and Monsters, Storyteller's Thesaurus, The Lost 77 Worlds Apocalyptic RPG, and Dragonscales, a fantasy RPG.

He loves writing and has many short stories, novels, board games, and RPG designs under his name.