Nexus Game Fair

Ed Possing

Ed is a Milwaukee native, writer, part-time fitness instructor, husband and dad. Coming from a family of game lovers, he and his brothers discovered Dungeons & Dragons in the early 80's when their friend brought the Holmes Blue Box over to try. It was the beginning of a new passion. Soon they were trying as many RPG's as they could get their hands on. Ed and his group continued to game well into college. After a hiatus, Ed has rekindled his love of role playing games which now includes some writing. Ed has contributions in The Unspeakable Oath magazine as well as the horror gaming zine Hypergraphia. He is a winner of the 2017 Chaosium Convention Scenario Contest for his Call of Cthulhu pulp adventure "Midnight Masquerade". He also administers the annual Delta Green Shotgun Scenario Contest and looks forward to reading the creative and terrifying submissions every year.