Nexus Game Fair

Chad Parish

Chad Parish is one of the three cofounders of the Dead Games Society, a group that promotes out-of-print games and game editions with three chapters now within the US. Chad is also the host of the DGS Podcast as well as a former host on the Enny award winning podcast, Roll For Initiative. Aside from his affiliation with the Dead Games Society Chad is also a member of the TSR Games design team where most recently he has been busy assisting the esteemed Merle Rasmussen with the creation of TOP SECRET:New World Order, a new spy themed RPG that continues the proud tradition of the Administrator's original Top Secret. Chad began gaming back in 1980 at the age of nine when he cut his teeth on the classic granddaddy of RPGs, 1st edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Prior to moving to Chicago, Chad spent seven years living in Tokyo where he was a member of the Japanese International Gaming Guild. Chad has played, ran and promoted a list of roleplaying games too long to detail here. Hard to believe, but it all started with a little keep on the borderlands.