Nexus Game Fair

Nancy Hutchins

Nancy has lived in the Chicago area her whole life, and currently lives in Harvard, Illinois with her husband Rob. She started with studying technical theater and scene design, but went to work, got married, and had two sons. Spending 25 years in the printing industry, getting involved with Boy Scouts and then trading those scout outings with game conventions and game groups. Oddly as a child, Nancy hated playing games, grumbling something about never being able to win... but her love games took off later in life. She owns and has played all sorts of different games, demonstrating or running many of them across the upper Midwest. Recently, Nancy has begun to design and develop games of her own. She has networked with other game designers and have helped them with development, playtesting and proofreading. Her love for play a game is only surpassed with running games for other gamers. When asked she said, "Running games for others is, to me, the same as actually playing the game." Oh, Nancy has also been known to run very unique games, very large games, and even dress up in character - which sort of makes her a character.