Nexus Game Fair

Dr. Steve Fratt

Dr Steve Fratt has been teaching military history for over 43 years. His first teaching assignment was as a teaching fellow at Westmont College while he was a senior. The course was The Campaigns of Napoleon in which he utilized a series of wargames. At a 40-year reunion, students of the class remarked that his teaching inspired them to use history games in their teaching over the years.

As Chair of the History Department at Trinity College, Dr. Fratt has created a military history emphasis in the major. His graduates have gone on to Marquette University to pursue their doctorates.

Steve has been president of HMGS-Midwest for the last four years and is standing for another two years in the current election. He and his administrative team have provided financial stability and enhanced the gaming experience at the annual Little Wars convention in late April. Steve has also been instrumental in creating new gaming events and has supported "showing the HMGS flag" at other conventions like Nexus. This August 24 the Emperor’s Birthday event will be held at Trinity College as well as Autumn Wars on November 9th at Trinity as well.

Last year self-published his The Victory Is Ours! - Epic Napoleonic Grand Tactical Gaming in 6mm. This year he is working on his Small Deadly Space rules for Civil War battles. He is offering several scenarios centered on the Battle of Antietam for Nexus. His rules system uses an asymmetrical resolution approach for combat with each arm that eliminates the need for any extensive charts.

If you have been put off by Civil War rules in the past, join Steve and experience a new approach that is fun and realistic at the same time.