Nexus Game Fair

Chris Clark

Chris is the owner of perhaps the oldest surviving small press game publisher still in the industry, Inner City Games Designs. Best known for its Fuzzy Heroes ™, War PIGs, and micro-game lines Inner City Games Designs released its first product in 1982, and is still active today. With more than 100 published gaming credits, Chris also partnered with Gary Gygax to form Hekaforge Productions (makers of the Lejendary Adventure) and has been nominated for an Origins Award 8 times (although he has never won). Chris recently worked with James Ward, Tim Kask and Frank Mentzer at Eldritch Enterprises, and creates several new adventures, board games, or miniatures games every year for Inner City Games Designs. He just finished Doom in the Ruins of London for the 77 Lost Worlds system (Fireside Creations), a fantasy rpg adventure set in the Lands of Igpay ™ entitled Nothing To See Here, two adventures for Gary Con X (Harbinger and Revenge of the Fire Giant), the short story Frenemies in the recently released Chronicles From the Starship Warden Volume 2, and is currently working on a Metamorphosis Alpha project (with James M. Ward) and the next release from Inner City Games Designs, I Think I Stepped in Something.

Sleep is for the weak. :D