Nexus Game Fair

Silent Auction

Spring is right around the corner, are you ready for some Spring cleaning? Empty out those closets, dust off those old games, and bring them to Nexus for the Silent Auction! We are proud to continue to offer this special event with no fees to sell your old and/or unwanted games and accessories! The Silent Auction will run daily on Saturday and Sunday. Additional details and downloadable item registration forms will be released soon.

The Milwaukee Open

Don't miss out on the 2017 Milwaukee Open! This Magic: the Gathering tournament has several events over the course of our show with over $3,000 in prizes. You won't want to miss this event! A standard convention badge is all that is required for our tournaments, with no additional participation fees (except for Side Drafts which are detailed below).

Friday Night Magic Saturday Sunday
Format: Standard Format: Modern Format: Legacy
Seating: 6:00pm Seating: 10:00am Seating: 10:00am
Registration: 5:30pm Registration: 9:30am Registration: 9:30am

The above tournaments are our Feature Tournaments for the Milwaukee Open. Each is a $1,000 event and played in Swiss Rounds, with a Cut to the Top 8. The prize pool is based upon 64 players and may be updated up or down based upon actual attendance.

In addition to our above tournaments, join us for our Commander Tournament Saturday night, or pop in to any of our Side Drafts which will be available for $12 during all scheduled Magic: the Gathering events.

Other Tournaments

Do you have what it takes to be a Catan champion? How does an all-expense paid trip to an awesome game convention sound to you?

Nexus Game Fair is pleased to offer our attendees an opportunity to play in a Catan U.S. National Qualifier. The winner of our event will receive an all-expense paid trip to the Origins Game Fair in Columbus, Ohio, for the 2017 Catan United States Championship!
It was not easy to be a farmer in the 17th century. If you like Agricola and think you have what it takes to win, join us for our Agricola National Qualifier. The winner of our qualifying event gets an all-expense paid trip to Gen Con Indianapolis (August 17-20, 2017) to compete in the US National Championship.

Cosplay Saturday

Got cosplay? Bring it along for Cosplay Saturday at Nexus Game Fair. Dress up as whatever you like: Renaissance Faire goer, your RPG character, video game, movie, anime characters, or anything else you'd like to wear. As long as you're getting into a costume and having a good time, it's Cosplay. All ages and skill levels are welcome and appreciated. We'd love to see what you've got and get pictures taken at the free professional photo booth! A Cosplay Workshop will also be hosted by Wig-Wig Cosplay at 3pm on Saturday, so drop by whether you're in costume or you're curious about Cosplay or want to learn from our guests. You can sign up for the competition at the workshop or after at the registration desk. Registration will be open until filled or when judging begins.

Cosplay Saturday's main event will be the Cosplay Contest at 6:00pm! There will be three categories of competition: Craftsmanship, Coordination, and Youth. Craftsmanship is for those who made their costume themselves. It will be judged on difficulty, technique, accuracy, attention to detail, and creativity. If you plan to compete in this category, please have a picture of your character available for us to judge your accuracy - it's fine if it's just an image on your phone! Coordination is for those who purchased their costume or assembled it from various sources. It will be judged on style, creativity, and, you guessed it, coordination. Youth is a category for the kids (ages 12 and younger). Youth can enter in either branch of the contest depending on their costume. Prizes will be given out to the top entries in each category. So come on by, tell our judges about your amazing costume, strut your stuff in our Cosplay Parade, and share your excitement with costumers just like you!

Questions? Contact the Nexus staff here.