Nexus Game Fair

The Nexus Grand Consignment Shoppe!

Spring is right around the corner, are you ready for some Spring cleaning? Empty out those closets, dust off those old games, and bring them to Nexus for our massive consignment sale! We are proud to continue to offer our attendees the opportunity to sell their old and/or unwanted games and accessories! The consignment sale will run throughout the convention in our Board Game area.

Additional details will be released closer to the convention. Please note that there will be a small fee for items placed in the consignment sale. Premier badge holders may place up to 10 items in the sale at no charge.

Steel Battalion: Mech Warfare

"...a thinking man's shooter that plays out like an explosive game of chess." -GamePro

Featuring an articulated cockpit control, Steel Battalion is a full immersion, mech combat experience. Train with our experts and pilot a Vertical Tank in 3v3 combat. Join the Pacific Rim Forces or rebel against them with the Hai Shi Dao to take control of your rightful territory!

You'll first receive training from our experts and then be set to pilot a VT (Vertical Tank) in three versus three combat in a simulated cockpit. VTs are gigantic two-legged mechs, 10 stories high and armed with a variety of weapons. You'll pilot a VT in a campaign that has you storming beaches, stomping into cities, and generally blowing up anything that gets in your way.

There will also be free play times where you can try the game out at your own pace in a single player setting.

The Garcade

The Garcade is Wisconsin’s premier retro arcade experience which provides 200 classic retro arcade games, modern arcade games, and pinball machines. Come and see it for yourself, all included with your Nexus Game Fair admission!

Escape Room: Egypt! presented by Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza

Come try your problem solving skills with a live interactive Escape Room! Hosted and run by our good friends at NEW Gameapalooza.

As Egypt's greatest detectives you thought it odd that someone with your talent would be dragged out to the pyramids for a simple missing person case. But as you delve into the case of the missing professor Calhoon, something starts to make you suspect that they may have found something in the desert that they weren’t supposed to...

Can you escape the curse in time? And can you find the missing professor? Only time can tell...

Escape Room: Game Storage Closet presented by Northeast Wisconsin Gameapalooza

Come try your problem solving skills with a live interactive Escape Room! Hosted and run by our good friends at NEW Gameapalooza.

Jamey, the game library volunteer, was responsible for putting all the old materials from previous cons away for safekeeping. Seems he had a weird sense of organization. Nexus 2022 is about to start, and the Master Library Key is missing! Jamey cannot make it this year to the show, but he mentioned that it is in the game storage closet. You shudder to think of going into that mess to find anything, let along something as important as the Master Library Key, but the show is going to open in an hour!

Will you be able to figure out Jamey’s convoluted organization method and find the Master Library Key in time to save Nexus 2022?

Faklandia Gaming: Warhammer 40K Grand Tournament

Faklandia Gaming presents their inaugural Warhammer 40K Tournament at Nexus Game Fair! This two day tournament requires 2000 point armies and will be played over 5 rounds on Saturday and Sunday. The initial player cap is 24, but is subject to expansion. Check-in is 8:30am on Saturday and start time for Round 1 is 9:30am. Prizes will be paid out in cash based on attendance. Stay tuned for details on painting classes and learn to play sessions, which may also be offered based upon interest.

Competing in this tournament requires the Faklandia Warhammer Badge package. Existing 4-day and premier badgeholders can upgrade their badge through the upgrade badge option.